Compatible Battery Charger for sony Cyber shot DSC W170/B

Compatible battery charger sony  for Cyber-shot DSC-W170/B

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  • Code:7N005L
  • Size: 79.84x47.84x18.20mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Color: Black
  • Special price: $31.17AUD
  • Brand new product with 1 year warranty!
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Li-ion or Li-polymer Battery Charger Only, Input: 100-240AC, Output: DC 4.2V/8.4V

This Cyber-shot DSC-W170/B charger replaces:


This Cyber-shot DSC-W170/B charger is compatible with the following models:

Cybershot DSC-W90S,
Cybershot DSC-W90,
Cybershot DSC-W85,
Cybershot DSC-W80S,
Cybershot DSC-W80,
Cybershot DSC-W300,
Cybershot DSC-W200,
Cybershot DSC-T20/W,
Cybershot DSC-T20/P,
Cybershot DSC-T20/B,
Cybershot DSC-T20,
Cybershot DSC-T100S,
Cybershot DSC-T100/R,
Cybershot DSC-T100/B,
Cybershot DSC-T100,
Cybershot DSC-H9/B,
Cybershot DSC-H9,
Cybershot DSC-H7/B,
Cybershot DSC-H7,
Cyber-shot DSC-W90/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W80/W,
Cyber-shot DSC-W80/P,
Cyber-shot DSC-W80/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W70S,
Cyber-shot DSC-W70B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W70,
Cyber-shot DSC-W55/P,
Cyber-shot DSC-W55/L,
Cyber-shot DSC-W55/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W55,
Cyber-shot DSC-W50S,
Cyber-shot DSC-W50B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W50,
Cyber-shot DSC-W40,
Cyber-shot DSC-W35,
Cyber-shot DSC-W30W,
Cyber-shot DSC-W30S,
Cyber-shot DSC-W30L,
Cyber-shot DSC-W300,
Cyber-shot DSC-W30,
Cyber-shot DSC-W220,
Cyber-shot DSC-W215,
Cyber-shot DSC-W210,
Cyber-shot DSC-W170/R,
Cyber-shot DSC-W170/N,
Cyber-shot DSC-W170/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W170,
Cyber-shot DSC-W150/R,
Cyber-shot DSC-W150/N,
Cyber-shot DSC-W150/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W150,
Cyber-shot DSC-W130/P,
Cyber-shot DSC-W130/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W130,
Cyber-shot DSC-W125,
Cyber-shot DSC-W120/P,
Cyber-shot DSC-W120/L,
Cyber-shot DSC-W120/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W120,
Cyber-shot DSC-W115,
Cyber-shot DSC-W110,
Cyber-shot DSC-W100S,
Cyber-shot DSC-W100B,
Cyber-shot DSC-W100,
Cyber-shot DSC-N2,
Cyber-shot DSC-N1,
Cyber-shot DSC-H50/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-H50,
Cyber-shot DSC-H3/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-H3,
Cyber-shot DSC-H10/B,
Cyber-shot DSC-H10,